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CAPTCHA: Striking the Happy Medium

For as long as the web has been around, Spam has been a prolific problem for developers and site owners. A number of techniques have been developed to combat those annoying little robots that trawl the ‘net and find web forms with which to pedal their wares. But do these methods work, and are they suitable for all application? Well, we thought that it might just be useful to put together a list of some of the most popular techniques, and which ones work best.

iPFaces PHP Mobile Application Framework

iPFaces is an open source framework developed by Edhouse for simple creation of native application foriPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, BlackBerryand devices with Mobile Java (J2ME). According the framework's website, the solution is dedicated for web developers experienced in ASP.Net, Java and PHP. So, what's the hype all about, and what exactly can it do.

Google Flexes its HTML 5 Muscles?

nyone that has used Google today will surely have noticed the latest so-called "Google Doodle", a collection of seemingly random-sized balls which animate and randomly move around the user's web browser until finally settling down to produce the company's logo. So what is Google trying to achieve - are they once again showing their strength as online marketeers?! 

AboutUs.Org - A step towards the Semantic Web

A closer look into the use of as a means of achieving true Semantic web status for a company and its domain name.

IE9 Beta by September 2010!

It was announced at Microsoft's annual Financial Analyst Meeting that IE9 Beta would be with the world by September 2010. There had been numerous leaks and speculation about its release, but until the meeting Microsoft had failed to issue any sort of formal information about the latest incarnation of Internet Explorer.